Rollease Galaxy Series

 The Galaxy line features patented technology that enhances clutch operation by using a process of planetary and rotating gears to assist in generating additional torque.
This innovative technology reduces the pull required to raise heavier shades and enables lifting with minimal effort. 
An additional benefit of reducing pull force is decreased operating noise.
Galaxy clutches employ the same spring configuration and patented Velvetrol™ clutch technology as our Skyline series, enabling a smooth, easy pull for even the largest shades.
Galaxy clutches can be used with either R-Series or Skyline bracket options.  Components are made of specially selected, engineering grade resins manufactured to strict tolerances to ensure optimal performance in your application.

The Galaxy SLG-400 has a maximum shade weight capacity of 53 lbs (24 kg) on a 1- 1/2” tube with reduced pull forces compared with direct drive systems. The higher capacity gear clutch requires minimal pull force and offers considerable savings over motorized options.

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