Rollease Li-Ion 0.2Nm Battery Motor

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Rollease Li-Ion 0.2 Battery Motor

Price Includes: Crown & Drive & Brackets

Maximum Weight: 4 Pounds; Length 17-3/4".

Model AUTOMATE | Li-ion 0.2   Model # MTDCBRF18-0.2   Voltage 12   Torque 0.2Nm
Max Run Time 10 min   Speed 80/60/40 RPM - Selectable   Radio Frequency 433.92 MHz
RF Modulation FSK   IP Rating IP44   Limit Switch Type Electronic   Amps 0.42A
Battery Size/Type 750mAh - Li-ion   Temp Working 32°F to 140°F (0°C to 60°C)   Insulation Class III

• Recommended max shade size 48”x60”
• Leveling Control
• Simple limit setting and adjustment
• Favorite position
• 3 operational speed settings available
• 2 way RF communication
• Rechargeable built in Li-ion battery
• Optional Solar powered charger
• New ARC protocol for simple programming

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Compatible Systems: Skyline & R Series     Compatible Tubes: 1" & 1-1/8" 

Maximum Weight: 4 Pounds; Length 17-3/4".

Charging Solutions:  

Descr: 12V Li-ion Charger  Part #: MTDCB-CHARGE

Descr: Li-ion Solar Panel Charger - 1.5W  Part #: MTSOLPAN-B

Maximum Weight: 4 Pounds; Length: 17-3/4"

Extension Cales:

Descr: 12V Li-ion Charger Cable ext  48”/1220mm  Part #: MTDCB-CBLXT48
Descr: 12V Li-ion Charger Cable ext  6”/155mm  Part #: MTDCB-CBLXT6
Descr: 12V Li-ion Charger Cable ext  96”/2440mm  Part #: MTDCB-CBLXT96

Descr: Paradigm 1CH ARC Remote   Part #: MTRF-REM-1
Descr: Paradigm 15CH ARC Remote  Part #: MTRF-REM-15
Descr: RF White 1 Channel Decorator Wall  Switch (Cut In)  Part #: MTRF-WS-1C
Descr: RF White 2 Channel Decorator Wall  Switch (Cut In)  Part #: MTRF-WS-2C
Descr: RF White 15 Channel Decorator  Switch (Cut In)  Part #: MTRF-WS-15
Descr: RF White 5 Channel Decorator Surface  Mount Switch  Part #: MTRF-WS5-FLUSHES


Descr: 1 Channel Dry Contact Input Module  - 433 RF  Part #: MTRF-DCIM-1C
Descr: Sun Sensor  Part #: MTRF-SUNSENS
Descr: ARC “Pulse” Wi-Fi to 433 - 2 way RF  Bridge Kit  Part #: MTRF-WIFIBRIDGE-KIT


Descr: Crown & Drive Set for 18mm DC  motor in 1.0” tube  Part #: MTCRDR-18-1
Descr Crown & Drive Set for 18mm DC motor  in 1.125” tube  Part #: MTCRDR-18-1.125


Descr: Motor Adapter 18mm

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